Help and Faq

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Registration Process

Visit our website Go to join us page, put your sponsor detail, fill your own basic detail like your name, email id, mobile no etc and submit the form.

No. Registration with Airrose is free and always will be free.

No. You need a sponsor to join Airrose network. We use Generation plan thats why sponsor is required to join. If you don't have any sponsor simply visit our join us page and click on I don;t have sponsor option.

Banking detail is required to release user payout. User earn commission from there team and they have to request for payout from there user back office. Your banking details is always safe and secure with airrose and we never share your detail with any 3rd party.

First you need to buy produt worth R250 from your user back office. Only then you can refer members under you. Share your referral link from your user back office and invite member to join. 2nd Put your user name or user id in the sponsor field and register new member under your account.

Login to your user back office, go to eshop and add product of your choice in cart. You can make payment with EFT, Card and other method displayed in front of you. We have Payfast as a payment method.

Login to your user back office, and check your account status there. If your account is showing inactive that means you need to activate your account. You have to keep your account active every month.

We pay commission monthly. So your account must be active every month. If your account is not active in any month, you loose all commisison of that month. You can maintain at the last day of month so you not loose your commission.

We use global time so do not place any order untill your account show inactive in the new month. Once your account is inactive you can place order to activate your account. We prefer you place order after 14:00 if you are activating on 1st calander day of month.

Yes, you can place as many order as you want.

Commission and Business Volume

Airrose pay 5 type of commission
1. Retail Commission : 100%
2. Generation Commission : 1st Level = 10% 2nd Level = 10% 3rd Level = 20%
3. Repurchase Commission : 1st Level = 5% 2nd Level = 5% 3rd Level = 10%
4. Rank Commission : as per qualifcation
5. Promo Commission : commission paid for special promo
We pay commission and business volume upto 3 level. As we use Generation plan so there is no limit on income. You earn commission from each member who place orders upto 3 level. More member you have more you earn.

BV is Business volume that is used in Rank. You receive BV from user every time they purchase product. Each product have specific BV associated with them. You have to accumulate bv for your rank.

You receive BV when your downline place order. If your downline has not placed any order you not receive any BV.

If your account isn't active for a month, you won't get commission. The system pays commissions instantly when your downline places an order up to three levels. Commissions will not be paid if your account is not active. You will receive all your commissions from all your downline in the same month if you activate your account even on the last day of the month. During a month if you are not active, you lose all commissions.

For rank qualification you need active members with 250 BV and we have some other specific requirements for rank. Please read our compensation plan in detail. Only BV not rank you up it need you have made a personal team and you are working as team.

Login to your user back office and click on Payout Management, then click on Withdraw Fund. Put amount that you want to withdraw and confirm your bank account.

Login to your user back office, go to My Profile, click on add banking detail.

We charge 10% admin fee on each payout request. Bank charge on each transaction, to maintain bank charge admin fee is there.

It took 7 to 10 working days once payout is released.

Bank log is there when you update your banking detail. This keep your account secure and help us to track if any mismatch found in your account.