Compensation Plan

Our compensation plan is thoughtfully structured to reward your hard work and dedication. You have the potential to earn substantial income through various bonuses, commissions, and incentives.

Compensation Plan

Airrose pay 5 type of commission

1. Retail Commission
2. Generation Commission
3. Repurchase Commission
4. Rank Commission
5. Special Promo Commisison

Join AirRose and unlock a world of opportunities to earn generous retail commissions while promoting products that enhance lives. At AirRose, we believe in rewarding your dedication and hard work, ensuring your success as you make a difference in the lives of others.

Earn 100% commission on every product sold at retail price. The more you sell, the more you earn – it's that simple!

Retail commissions offer you flexibility and immediate rewards. As you grow your customer base and increase your sales, your earnings increase accordingly.

Build strong relationships with your customers by providing excellent service and products that meet their needs. Satisfied customers often become repeat customers, ensuring a steady stream of commissions.

At AirRose, we believe in fostering a culture of growth, support, and prosperity. Our Generation Commission structure is designed to reward your efforts in building and nurturing a strong, successful team within the AirRose network.

Airrose pay Generation Commission upto 3 Level
1st Level Generation= 10%
2nd Level Generation= 10%
3rd Level Generation= 20%

Building a Team: As an AirRose associate, you have the opportunity to recruit and mentor new team members. When you bring individuals into your team, they become your first generation.

Multiple Generations: As your team members recruit and build their teams, they form subsequent generations. These subsequent generations can extend upto 3 levels, creating a network of associates.

Commission on Generations: You earn commissions not only on your personal sales but also on the sales made by your team members and their respective teams. 3 generation qualifies you for a commission based on a predetermined percentage.

Leadership and Growth: Your ability to lead, motivate, and support your team will determine your success in generating commissions. As you rise through the ranks and build a strong organization, your commission potential increases.

Bonuses and Incentives: In addition to generation commissions, AirRose offers bonuses and incentives based on your team's overall performance and achievements. Strive for excellence and reap the rewards!

At AirRose, we believe in fostering long-term relationships with our associates, and our repurchase commission structure is designed to reward your commitment and continuous support to our exceptional products.

Airrose pay Repurchase Commission upto 3 Level
1st Level Generation= 5%
2nd Level Generation= 5%
3rd Level Generation= 10%

Quality Products, Repeat Sales: Our high-quality products speak for themselves, ensuring customer satisfaction and encouraging repeat purchases. As an AirRose associate, you earn commissions on these repurchases made by your customers.

Build Customer Loyalty: Provide exceptional service and build strong relationships with your customers. Happy customers are likely to return for more purchases, contributing to a steady stream of repurchase commissions.

Steady Income Stream: Repurchase commissions offer you a reliable and steady income stream, providing financial stability and encouraging you to focus on growing your network and supporting your customers effectively.

Track and Optimize: Keep track of customer purchases and tailor your approach to maximize repurchase rates. Offer personalized recommendations and maintain regular communication to ensure ongoing sales.

Long-Term Earnings: As you continue to expand your customer base and encourage repeat business, your repurchase commissions compound, leading to a growing and sustainable income over time.

When a distributor achieves a new rank, they are typically rewarded with a one-time bonus, referred to as a "Rank Achievement Bonus".

Each rank comes with specific qualification requirements, which usually include personal sales volume, team sales volume, and leadership criteria. To advance to a higher rank, distributors must meet these requirements.

Sr. Rank Name Active Leader Rank Qualifier Self Purchase (PV) Team Sales (BV)
1 BRONZE 2 Direct Member (250BV) Nill 250 PV 5000 BV
2 SILVER 5 Team Members (250BV) 2 (DM) BRONZE (250 BV)
2 BRONZE should be active with 250 bv in same month
250 PV 20000 BV
3 GOLD 10 Team Members (250BV) 2 (DM) SILVER (250 BV)
2 SILVER should be active with 250 bv in same month
250 PV 40000 BV
4 DIAMOND 15 Team Members (250BV) 2 (DM) GOLD (250 BV)
2 GOLD should be active with 250 bv in same month
250 PV 240000 BV
5 PLATINUM 20 Team Members (250BV) 2 (DM) DIAMOND (250 BV)
2 DIAMOND should be active with 250 bv in same month
250 PV 500000 BV
6 PLATINUM VIP 30 Team Members (250BV) 3 (DM) PLATINUM (250 BV)
3 PLATINUM should be active with 250 bv in same month
250 PV 1000000 BV
7 PALADIUM 40 Team Members (250BV) 3 (DM) PLATINUM VIP (250 BV)
3 PLATINUM VIP should be active with 250 bv in same month
250 PV 2000000 BV

Airrose run special promo time to time. Qualifier receive there commission as per their achievements